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Ducati Pantah 500 SL (1982) £6995

Ducati Pantah 500 Sl (1982) £6995

Here we have a fantastic fully restored example of the iconic Ducati Pantah 500SL. This bike has a great history, has covered a mere 18k miles and benefits from a fully documented ground up restoration within the last three years.

A brief rundown of the history...

ACX 766Y was bought in October 1982 by Christopher Meek, probably from Steve Rhodes Motorcycles in Leeds whose name is on the number plate that came with the bike and is probably the original. In the 1987 he dismantled the bike to refurbish it but never got round to rebuilding it. 27 years later he sold it to John Oliver, still in bits. John came to realise that putting the bike back together was beyond his abilities and sold it to the most recent owner in March 2016. The engine, frame, forks and wheels, tank, seat and fairing and 6 boxes of assorted bits were collected from Dunoon and so the rebuild began.

Here is a rundown of the works completed, this is not an exhaustive list but gives a good idea as to how thorough the restoration was...

18/03/16 29,652km Bike bought as boxes of bits.
25/03/16 Instruments cleaned and polished. Dash stripped re-painted and rebuilt
27/03/16 O-rings for cylinder heads ( 2.62” x 12.37” & 2 x 8mm) + swinging arm oil seals (27 x 38 x7mm)
29/03/16 Stainless fasteners for Cylinder heads and engine covers
30/03/16 Cam belts, 68T Gates, square tooth (Mdina Italia)
31/03/16 Valve stem seals, gearbox sprocket retainer plate, 2.95mm opener shim
01/04/16 Frame, swinging arm and headlight/instrument bracket powder coated
02/04/16 Cylinder heads cleaned, rebuilt with new valve stem seals and re-shimmed, waiting for 1.60mm shim and gaskets from Lacey Ducati
06/04/16 Starter motor removed, re-furbished and re-fitted
09/04/16 New crankshaft oil seal + spare (20 x 30 x 7mm)
20/04/16 1x new caliper piston set, new cap and bellows for Fr. M/Cylinder, new stainless bleed nipples (Gutsibits)
25/04/2016 Stainless fasteners for cycle parts (eBay)
28/04/16 Rebuilt carburettor with new gaskets, new float assemblies, 1 new feed banjo and filter (Ducati Paddy)
07/05/16 Ordered Decal set from Image works
16/05/16 Fitted frame to engine, fitted forks, fitted swinging arm but endfloat shims missing. Made additional shims. Rear YSS shocks are 40mm too long!
18/05/16 Fitted swinging arm and rear suspension. Fitted front brakes but still air in brake lines
19/05/16 More stainless bolts and washers
03/05/16 Shim arrived to front head and fitted. Head fitted to engine, belts on, belt covers on, instruments mounted
10/06/16 Wiring Harness fitted with new blade fusebox
15/06/16 New stainless filler cap and rear brake pressure switch (Ducati Paddy)
06/07/16 Stainless fairing screws
08/07/16 Exhaust collets (Ducati Glasgow)
11/07/16 Petrol taps and gearbox sprocket retainer ( Steine Dinse)
13/07/16 New neutral light switch (Moto Rapido)
25/07/16 Stainless wheel axle nuts + various stainles screws/washers+ electrical connectors
27/07/16 Painted wheels - Hycote "Aztec Gold". Top coat Hycote Petrol Resistant Lacquer
28/07/16 New MotoBatt battery MBTX14AU - eBay (Needham Bike Centre)
01/08/16 New tyres Avon AM23 Roadrider, front & rear
05/08/16 Chainguard, brake and gearchange levers, rear indicator stem & nuts, brake pull rod, front fairing brackets back from chrome plating (Classics and Chrome)
08/08/16 Rear chain fitted, all chrome parts fitted.
15/08/16 Sorted a few electrical issues with indicators and oil pressure light. Waiting on paintwork now.
22/08/16 Fitted rear number plate and wiring for ignition relay
20/10/16 Tank, fairing and seat back from Fiskens after painting.Fitted tank, fairing, seat and side panels. Looking good.
24/10/16 Fitted screen and indicators and new flasher unit
24/10/16 Fitted new flasher unit
25/10/16 Filled with Shell Advance 10w40 oil. Fired up engine for first time. Needs idle mixture adjusted but cracked banjo to front carb.
27/10/16 New banjo fitted. Adjusted carbs, starts and runs well.
27/10/16 Replaced indicator fixing screws with stainless + stainless screws for fairing air dam
27/10/16 Received new tank support rubber, tank rubber fixing strap and gear and brake lever rubbers
03/11/16 Bought pair of Marzocchi Strada rear shocks
09/11/16 Bought new 10mm bushes for Marzocchi Shocks
11/11/16 Painted Marzocchi shocks and fitted new bushes
15/11/16 Fitted Marzocchi shocks to bike - RESTORATION COMPLETE
24/04/17 Leak from RH fuel tap to tank joint. Substituting o-ring for hard washer fixed.
24/04/17 29,658 Passed MoT
01/05/17 Taxed and road tested. Balanced carbs, adjusted pilot mixture and idle.
30/09/17 Laid up for winter
07/04/18 Fitted 40t rear sprocket
26/04/18 29,868 km Passed MoT
01/05/18 29,870 km Back on road
20/07/18 29,945 km Removed OEM air filter and fitted K&N filters.
27/07/18 29,950 km Fitted crankcase filter
31/10/18 30,151 km Laid up for winter
20/02/19 Replaced RH fuel fuel tap for one with correct forward orientation of outlet
20/02/19 Changed engine oil - Fuchs XP pro 10w40
17/04/19 MOT Passed
10/05/19 New cam belts and checkover giving a clean bill of health by G-Tec Ducati

The bike is absolutely stunning in the flesh, a true classic that rides as well as it looks.The bike comes with two keys, V5 and a large amount of paperwork for the work completed during the restoration. Please see our website for many more images.

If you have any questions or would like to arrange a viewing then please feel free to call on 07834 186 065.

**Worldwide delivery, finance available, part exchange considered.**







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